At crisis point

Oh yeah? And they’re the only ones, are they?

The Guardian reports:

The mental health of the UK’s transgender community is at crisis point, with many people “hanging by a string”, professional bodies and support groups have told the Guardian.

The stark warnings follow a week of intensified public discussion of transgender rights as the government moved to exclude trans people from a ban on conversion practices.

What are “transgender rights”? They’re so often mentioned and so rarely spelled out.

And, for the umpteenth time, “conversion” is the wrong word – the loaded word, the inaccurate word, the thumb on the scale word. It’s not a form of “conversion” to provide therapy and discussion before making permanent physical changes that could be regretted. The phrase “conversion therapy” was coined to name the practice of trying to talk people out of being lesbian or gay. Being lesbian or gay involves zero permanent physical changes – no surgeries, no binders, no hormones, no puberty blockers, nothing.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission also published guidance saying transgender people could legitimately be excluded from single-sex services if the reasons were “justifiable and proportionate”.

That is, men could legitimately be excluded from women’s spaces. For the millionth time it’s not a generic “transgender people” issue, it’s a women’s right to women-only services issue.

The focus on such issues has raised concerns among experts, who see a direct line between statements made by politicians and individual wellbeing. “There is strong evidence that minorities experience greater levels of stress when their rights are being debated,” said Dr Adam Jowett, the chair of the British Psychological Society’s Sexualities Section.

And so do women. We’re not literally a “minority” but we are a set of people treated as inferior to the other set of people. We get stressed when our rights are being debated, and dismissed and ignored, too. But, you know, yawn yawn – all those millions of boring women, telling you to hang your coat up – we can’t be bothered to care about their rights and their stress. Trans people are so much more exciting.

Helen Belcher, the chair of the education and advocacy group TransActual and a Lib Dem councillor, said: “I am furious that our equalities body is telling me that I am a second-class citizen and can only do things if everyone else is OK with it. Now every trans woman in the country is gearing up to fight to have a wee. It’s vile.”

But women who want to have a wee without men in the adjoining cubicles? Meh.

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