Hi Joanne

Another chapter in the crisps on a train saga.

Just in case you missed Apparently it’s considered unprofessional, or have forgotten the details, Laurie Penny tweeted to the world yesterday that bad reviews of her book set off her (putative) CPTSD. Julie is satirizing that absurd claim, and JKR is sharing the joke. So what does the putative CPTSD sufferer do? She makes a public fool of herself all over again. Somebody really should tell her she’s the source of her own CPTSD.

Yes that’s the ticket. Do more of the same thing, so that even more people will see what an entitled self-admiring fool you are, and what a bully.

Laurie Penny is the one who said children shouldn’t stare at men’s penises in women’s changing rooms, because it’s rude. She’s not a non-bully.

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