It’s not even related to the child

How sad it is that we can’t do without women entirely, because of that one silly arrangement…

Brian Dowling has set his sights on becoming a first-time dad in 2022.

The Big Brother icon, 43, is hoping that this year will finally be the right time for him and husband Arthur Gourounlian to welcome their first child together.

The lovebirds, who tied the knot in 2015, have both shared their dreams of becoming parents over the years, but the process has been much harder than they first anticipated – partly due to the strict surrogacy laws in Ireland.

The process, you see – it turns out to be much harder than they expected because there has to be a woman involved somewhere along the line, and those bitches are so difficult. And Ireland just makes it worse! It has strict laws about borrowing a woman’s body to manufacture a baby for you! When it should be as simple as hopping on a bus!

As it stands, surrogacy is unregulated in Irish law and mothers of children born through surrogacy, even through gestational surrogacy – in which the child is biologically theirs – have no rights to their children.

Isn’t that what Brian and Arthur want? That the woman-machine they get to make the baby for them has (of course) no rights to their baby?

Brian, who hopes to welcome a child through surrogacy with husband Arthur, told Daily Mirror that he has to remind himself to keep a positive mindset amid the setbacks due to the strict Irish laws.

Has he considered kidnapping a woman?

“This isn’t just about gay guys and husbands trying to have families – everyone struggles. But I think in Ireland, the rules around surrogacy are absolutely ridiculous. The fact that the female egg is put into the surrogate, and then the surrogate is named as the biological mother just isn’t right – it’s not even related to the child.”


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