“Justice for Trans Athletes”

Trans scholarship…

I’ll repeat that: Pape is employed by @iocmedia to promote the IOC framework document…so her “scholarship” on this subject is compromised by a conflict of interest.

Jon links to a few more speakers.

I’ll just interrupt here for a second to say some things I hate about that excerpt from Pape’s chapter. First, “The participation of trans people” – no, it isn’t “trans people” as such, it’s men invading women’s sport, and it may be women who are on testosterone. It’s not trans people in general and it’s not trans people because they’re trans people, it’s because of the specific ways men or women on testosterone can make competition unfair for everyone else.

Second, “A dominant narrative” – which is a way to nudge the audience into thinking “domineering bullying fairy tale.”

Third, “the Global North” – which is absurdly gratuitous and another nudge, this time into thinking “rich privileged bitchy cunty Karens.”

It’s grotesquely manipulative and tendentious for an academic article.

Well it’s her narrative you see.

It’s infuriating stuff.

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