Lost in the fog

I don’t think I’ll ever understand where people get the confidence to talk this kind of confused nonsense.

 Why, at this moment of both national and international crisis, has the media decided that the most important question for a party that hasn’t been in government for 12 years, is a hypothetical one about genitals?

One, they haven’t – media questions are not exclusively about genitals, or gender. Two, news flash: women’s rights still matter.

It’s not really about vaginas, it’s a quest for the “gotcha” moment, the inescapable trap of deliberately twisted logic which merits unpicking.

It’s not really about vaginas perhaps, but it is really about women. If white people were furiously agitating to be “validated” as Black I think Zoe Williams would see the problem, but when it’s men, somehow she can’t make it out through the fog.

Labour’s position has not changed since 2019 – it supports both the reform of the GRA and single-sex spaces. This is the next battleground for gender-critical feminists, who would like to see the party drop its support for reform, on the basis that any such move allows for more trans people – generally cast by some as predatory men – to access single sex spaces. When faced with the question of what defines a man or a woman, Labour is not only being implicitly asked to row back on its own policy, but also to backtrack on current legislation which says that trans men are men and trans women are women, regardless of whether they have undergone medical treatments.

Legislation could “say” that airplanes are oak trees, but that wouldn’t make it true. Trans women are men who want to “live as” women; they’re not literally women.

As things stand now, the government has blocked reforms to the GRA and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission has provided guidelines extending the circumstances under which trans people can be excluded from single-sex spaces.

But the issue isn’t about “trans people” being excluded from single-sex spaces, it’s about men being excluded from [some] women’s spaces. That’s not a quibble, it’s essential. The men aren’t being excluded because they’re trans, they’re being excluded because they’re men. Williams frames it as cruel irrational exclusion of trans people, and that’s dishonest.

“Legitimate justifications” now include female-only fitness classes and the toilets of places of worship where it may offend people, on religious grounds, to have inclusive spaces.

There it is again. No, not “inclusive spaces”; toilets where men can intrude on women.

I can’t even wrap my head around the person who doesn’t want anybody trans in their aerobics class…

Again – it’s not the “trans” bit, it’s the male bit.

Labour needs to take a stand based on principles of equality with which they are familiar. They could also maybe learn from their history of being wedged – on Brexit, and long before that, on nuclear disarmament – by political enemies who care much less about the issue than they enjoy watching Labour fall apart.

What principles of equality? What does trans dogma have to do with equality?

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