Owen Inquisitor Jones

So Owen Jones decides to bully her some more.

What is the story?

A girl who argued that biological sex is real after a talk about transphobia felt forced to leave her school after pupils hounded her for challenging the views of a visiting speaker.

She was treated like a heretic for questioning a politician’s assertions about sex, a teacher at the school said. The female member of the House of Lords visited the private girls’ school, a Stonewall diversity champion, to talk about transphobia in parliament.

They went back and forth a bit; after the lecture the student spoke to the guest and said she was sorry if she came across as rude; they parted amicably.

But on returning to the sixth form she was surrounded by up to 60 girls who shouted, screamed, swore and spat at her. She escaped and said she collapsed, unable to breathe properly.

Teachers were initially supportive but withdrew their backing after the other sixth formers accused the girl of transphobia. The teenager returned to school a few times but was told she would have to work in the library if she said anything provocative in lessons, and faced bullying and accusations of transphobia from pupils throughout the school. She also spent breaktimes and lunchtimes in the library. The girl left in December and is studying at home.

Great that Owen Jones is getting busy making her life even worse.

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