Softly softly

Aaron Blake at the Washington Post last September:

As we wrote a while back, the Republican Party’s increasing embrace of replacement theory — the idea popular in white supremacist circles that immigrants are being brought in to replace native-born (read: White) Americans — has been a slow build. For years, it was an idea relegated to infrequent mentions by fringe Republicans who operated outside the political mainstream and weren’t generally welcomed in politer circles of the GOP. When it was mentioned, it was dressed up as something besides replacement theory, per se.

Well, sure. There are a lot of ways you can dress up such things. In fact “replacement theory” itself is a dressing up – it sounds thoughtful and academic-ish, when really it’s just Y U let all those darkies in?

[Tucker] Carlson last week doubled down and used the actual label favored by racist groups — “great replacement” — and more recently got some backup from a member of Congress, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.).

Carlson had been disavowing “replacement theory” while also promoting it, then he dropped the disavowing part.

In a segment last week recapped by The Washington Post’s Philip Bump, though, Carlson explained that what Biden was doing was, in fact, not just replacement, but a great replacement.

“In political terms, this policy is called the great replacement, the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from faraway countries,” Carlson said Wednesday.

And Matt Gaetz tweeted a Right on bro! Dressed up a little – the cleanest T shirt he could find.

So that’s two prominent figures on the right describing this as, in fact, “the great replacement” and “replacement theory.” And the former did so after his boss said he had “decried and rejected replacement theory.” This comes on top of certain congressional Republicans, including one who spoke to a group of white nationalists, floating the idea forming a caucus for which a draft document said immigrants were undercutting the “unique identity” of the country. (The idea was later shelved after an outcry.)

Let’s go full racism! Oops, wait, it’s not going over well – back off a little. [looks at watch] Ok try again!

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