Stay away from the Tavistock

The Tavistock don’t want no stinkin’ terf parents.

The head of England’s only NHS gender clinic cut ties with some parents of transgender children after claiming they promoted “transphobic” gender-critical views, The Telegraph can reveal.

Is it normal for medical clinics to “cut ties” with the parents of child patients because of the parents’ views? It doesn’t seem normal at all.

Now it has emerged that both the chief executive and chairman of the Trust told a group of parents they were “disappointed” at their gender-critical views – the idea that biological sex is binary and immutable – and cut ties upon learning of this.

What does anyone’s “disappointment” have to do with anything?

Bayswater Support Group, a group of 400 parents many of whom have children being treated by the Tavistock, complained to the Trust last year about “defamatory” comments made about them by a GIDS clinician, who The Telegraph is not naming, on a Facebook group for psychiatrists. They also made another complaint last month following fresh comments alleging the group had “transphobic” links.

That’s some dreadfully clotted writing. Let’s see if I can make it a little clearer. There’s a support group for parents of gender-agitated children who are being treated at the Tavistock. The parents complained to the Tavistock about nasty things a clinician said about them. They complained again recently about accusations of “transphobic” links – meaning internet links, I take it, rather than real world connections, but perhaps I’m wrong. To sum up: a medico at the Tavvy is calling some parents transphobic.

In response, Paul Jenkins, the Trust’s chief executive, threw out the complaint following an investigation because the Trust found that the clinician was commenting in a personal capacity.

So that makes it ok?

Look at it this way: the kids are infected with a socially transmitted idea about their “gender,” and one of the clinicians who is supposed to be helping the kids is calling parents names for not believing the socially transmitted idea is a physical condition. It’s kind of ridiculous, as well as sinister.

However, in an official letter to the parents last May, Mr Jenkins added: “As part of the investigation we were disappointed to see that all the links on your site are to gender-critical sites. We were also very disappointed to see social media activity that demonstrated a clear lack of balance and moderation in how issues were covered.”

What. the. fuck. What right does he have to reproach them for not believing the magical new Gender Dogma? What right does he have to urge “balance”? What if the fad were for kids claiming they are airplanes? Presumably Jenkins wouldn’t expect “balance” between saying that’s nonsense and saying it’s true, would he? Maybe he would.

He said it was “a considerable disappointment, therefore, to see this material which I am afraid will make it difficult for the service to work with you in future”.

You must Believe, or we must part company.

A spokesperson for Bayswater Support Group added: “We are surprised that an NHS clinic refuses to engage with parents on ideological grounds, especially when our concerns are evidence-based and reflect many of the issues raised in the recent Cass Review interim statement.

It’s just nuts. People have lost their damn minds.

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