Stunned with a hammer

This is so depressing I can barely believe it.

Why why why on earth would anyone prefer the zombie blow-job doll to the gorgeous real woman on the left? Apparently lots of people or this “makeup artist” wouldn’t be doing it, but…I can’t understand why. Zombie blow-up doll looks like exactly that – a porn image, a photo from a failing fashion magazine, a completed mannequin for a store window. You wouldn’t want to talk to her, let alone live with her for the rest of your life.

I was so repulsed I went looking, and found a collection of 21 of these nightmares. The ones on the right all look alike, like zombie blow-job doll. The ones on the left all look human. One has a rash or acne or something that I can see why she’d want concealed, but other than that the TransforMations are all a horrible mindless mistake. What is wrong with people?

Bridal Makeup

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