The bulb is dim

TransLucent has me blocked of course but I’m sampling its tweets anyway. Have a nice sample of the intellectual quality:

A peach, isn’t it? Murdo Fraser notes that many women find the neologism “cisgender” offensive and demeaning, and genius answers that it’s in the dictionary. Guess what!! Lots of offensive and demeaning words are in the dictionary! The fact that they’re in the dictionary doesn’t make them not offensive and demeaning. The dictionary isn’t a private exclusive club that rejects words that don’t wear the right clothes; that’s not the purpose or job of the dictionary. Also there is no “the dictionary”; there are lots of dictionaries. Which dictionary is this one? Also is it really a dictionary? Are you sure? It doesn’t sound like a dictionary. The quoted passage doesn’t even define the word it purports to be defining. A real dictionary wouldn’t use the passage in quotation marks as an illustration, not least because it does nothing to illustrate or clarify the meaning, but also because it uses trendy jargon instead of ordinary language, which isn’t the kind of thing real dictionaries do.

In short…Steph is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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