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School prepares for backlash over high school teacher who claims to be trans. I think the teacher is just taking the mickey.

The Halton District School Board is “standing behind” an “accepted” transgender teacher who has gone viral in social media video posts.

In addition, HDSB Chair Margo Shuttleworth tells the Toronto Sun that staff are looking at “going through creating a safety plan” to ensure the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher’s security as they prepare for potential protests when the school opens for classes Monday.

Gone viral why? Potential protests why?

Trans? Or mockery? It looks more like mockery to me. Anyway I wouldn’t want to be in a high school class taught by that teacher.

Anna Slatz at Reduxx has more:

Shocking media first began to circulate on Twitter earlier this week, with multiple accounts sharing a mobile phone video and stills of a shop teacher demonstrating how to use a circular saw.

The teacher is seen wearing an extremely prominent prosthetic bust, one which clearly outlines the nipples through his tight shirt. He is also donning a bright blonde wig and short-shorts.

Totally appropriate for high school, right?

Action shot:

Back to the Toronto Sun:

Pre-transitioning the teacher was known to students and faculty as a male and went by a man’s name. But the teacher now identifies as a woman and is referenced with a female name.

The school board says it sees her simply as a good teacher.

“This teacher (who teaches shop) is an extremely effective teacher,” said Shuttleworth. “All the kids really love being in the class.”

I don’t believe either of those claims.

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