Tuffer noo roolz

How about no?

Just no. Not “oh dear what shall we do,” not “maybe we need to tweak this a little,” not “we’re in the middle,” just no. No. You can’t. Of course not. Go away.

Not “tougher new rules,” either. Just no.

The president of cycling’s governing body has held emergency talks with other international sports federations about creating tougher new rules for the participation of trans women in elite women’s sport “within months”.

“Rules” for letting men participate in elite women’s sport, thus ruining it. Forget rules; just No.

In a notable intervention, the UCI president, David Lappartient, said cycling’s current rules, which allow trans women to compete against cis women if they reduce their testosterone to below 5 nmol/L for a period of 12 months, were “probably not enough” to ensure fair competition.

Of course they’re not, plus it’s women’s sport, so it’s not for men.

“When you ask this question, it is not to challenge the fact that people want to transition. We fully respect that.”

Why? Why fully respect it? It’s not as if it’s an accomplishment.

“But I can also really understand from ladies [who] say: ‘OK, we don’t accept this.’ At the moment, the union of women’s riders are completely against this and challenging the UCI. So we are in between.”

I see. All the women are completely against it, therefore you’re in between. Who cares about women eh?

Lappartient said: “I had some discussions this week with the Olympians associations, with some international federations. In cycling, in swimming, in athletics, the question of fair competition is really a question we must put on the table. Is it a right to take part when you do the transition at the highest level or do we have to see if this will affect the fairness of competition?”

It’s not a right for men to force themselves into women’s sport at all, no matter what the level.

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