Visible but not lesbian

This is just maddening. White House Roundtable With Lesbian Leaders – and of course you know what’s coming next.

Yesterday [April 26], in celebration of Lesbian Day of Visibility, the White House hosted a roundtable conversation with trailblazing lesbian and LGBTQI+ senior leaders from the White House and the broader Biden-Harris Administration.

So make that with “trailblazing” men bullying their way into lesbians’ day of visibility, just as they bullied their way into Michfest and then pushed all the women out. Lesbian is one thing and T and Q and I and + are other things. Lesbian Day of Visibility should be for lesbians, not men playing games.

The roundtable included lesbian and queer advocates ,community leaders, leaders across the federal government, several of whom are the first out lesbians to hold their position, including: Ambassador Chantale Wong, Director of the Asian Development Bank, who is the first out lesbian to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate to an ambassador post; Admiral Rachel Levine, Assistant Secretary for Health, who is a lesbian and the first openly transgender woman to achieve the rank the four-star admiral in any of the country’s uniformed services…

That is, he’s a man, and has zero business being there at all. Let us know when an actual lesbian achieves the rank of four-star admiral.

Participants highlighted that lesbians who are also women and girls of color, transgender women, women with disabilities, and older women face additional intersecting challenges to achieving economic security and full inclusion.

All true except for the transgender women part. Sneaky of them to try to hide it in the middle of the list, to fool the unwary. Men dressed as women don’t belong at lesbian round table discussing the challenges lesbians face.

External participants included:

Charlotte Clymer, Transgender Activist, Military Veteran, and Board Member, LPAC Action Network

Of course. Notorious loudmouth and women-interrupter Charles Clymer was there, hogging a seat that should have gone to a woman. Of course he was.

Levine in uniform, Clymer in the pale blue jacket. Seven people visible, two of them men masquerading as women. “Lesbian Visibility Day” in a pig’s eye.

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