We don’t accept the dogma

Suzanne Moore on Stonewall’s grotesque desertion of the very people it’s supposed to be for:

Last October it was agreed that Bailey could pursue her claim against her employer and Stonewall for direct discrimination against her gender critical beliefs, as well as indirect victimisation. The case is due to start tomorrow. 

[Now yesterday.]

So what did Bailey do so wrong that has caused Stonewall to complain to her employers? She has done “wrongthink”. She will not swallow the dogma. She believes that biological sex is immutable and that conflating sex with the made up notion of “gender identity” will leave women with no legally enforceable boundaries against men. She does not think womanhood is just a feeling in one’s head. She was not assaulted as a child because of “feelings in her head”. She does not think men can become women because of these feelings. She is concerned, above all, with male violence. 

And for those reasons Stonewall is trying to wreck her life. With friends like these who needs enemies?

Stonewall wrote to her chambers complaining about Bailey’s views. She was a founder of the LGB Alliance, posited as an alternative to Stonewall. Surely gay people have the right to organise politically as they see fit. Some gay people ally themselves to the trans cause, and some don’t. Sexual orientation and gender identity are separate issues. 

Very separate. Very very very separate, and sometimes in conflict.

Any ideology that cannot be questioned is dangerous and yet that is how Stonewall have infiltrated so many of our institutions.

In picking on Bailey they have found a woman who has fought her entire life. Is this really a good look, Stonewall? Trying to destroy a black lesbian? 

We watch agog. Bailey, like any other woman, gay or straight, can think what the hell she likes. Is she really your enemy, Stonewall? Seriously, who do you represent now? 

We know the answer to that all too well.

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