Which is?

All the points missed at once.

What does “chronically underrepresented in sport” mean? How “represented” should they be? How does Owen Jones know?

Maybe the kind of people who are trans simply tend not to be into sport. Some people aren’t, you know.

But also, clearly being trans throws up some obstacles to being “represented” in sport. It throws up some obstacles that are not incidental and unnecessary, they’re inherent. Sport is all about bodies, and trans people mess with their bodies in ways that may make sport unpleasant or impossible or unfair to others or all three.

How does Owen Jones know that no “trans people” are pretending to be trans to get the advantage? He doesn’t, of course. He simply assumes it, which is pretty stupid for a purported journalist. I for one think Lia Thomas is pretending. I don’t know that, but I suspect it.

And finally, what is this childish “It’s who they are!” nonsense? No, actually, it isn’t who they are; the whole point is that it’s who they aren’t. That’s what “trans” means.

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