A space outside of the species binary

Oh the endless quest to be more special than everyone else. How tiring it is, how strenuous, how exigent, how pointless.


The “friendly reminder” bit is always charming, because of the way it assumes you’re interested in the person saying it, and lavish attention on her them daily, and know all about Them but just need the occasional loving refresher course.

But even better is the woman saying “I am not a woman.” Yeah you are. Just as the people helping a woman deliver a baby know what sex the baby is, you are a woman because you are a woman. Words aren’t magic, and saying “I am not a woman” doesn’t make you not a woman any more than saying “I am Victoria Station” makes you Victoria Station.

“I am nonbinary” is just childish and banal. We’re all “nonbinary”; get over yourself.

“I occupy a space outside the gender binary” is grotesquely self-admiring and ooky. No you don’t. You’re not magic, you’re not special, you’re not unique, you’re not Unlike all those boring drones who are utterly determinedly “binary.” You’re a human like other humans. Deal with it.

It’s not that it’s “hard to wrap our heads around.” It’s that it’s stupid and meaningless and made-up and childish.

Everybody just grow up.

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