Equalities officer

But it’s the right-on kind of misogyny.

So lets read about this charming young fella. [Updating to say: probably not a fella; see comments.]

An SNP equalities officer has apologised for a series of social media outbursts including one threatening violence against women. In now deleted posts, Cameron Downing, 23, said he wanted to “beat the f[uck] out of some terfs and transphobes”.

The old familiar a man wanted to beat the fuck out of some women.

In another, he claimed: “I f[ucking] hate terfs and transphobes with such a passion they make me want to SCREAM!”

Not Putin, not Nazis, not Trump, not rapists, not femicides, not men who rape and murder women, but women who don’t believe that men are women. Those are the people he singles out for rage and hatred.

Downing has been an equalities officer for the SNP’s London branch since August 2022 and previously worked in the same role in 2021. When confronted about the Twitter posts, he said: “I apologise for these tweets and for any offence caused to the LGBTQ+ community and have long since deleted them.”

Hmm. So if he’d said he wanted to beat the fuck out of some Jews he would apologize for any offence to the LGBTQ community?

Never mind, he wears nail polish, he must be a wonderful person.

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