Pass me the figment

Geneticist tells us women don’t actually exist. Honestly they don’t, he says.

He’ll have to let us into a rather shocking secret, researcher Gordon Strathdee says. “The reason us [sic] scientists find this question so hard to answer is that women don’t actually exist. Honestly they don’t. They’re all just a figment of your fevered imagination.

The reason is that “woman” and “man” are just categorisations that humans have invented to make communication easier. But these things are concepts, that exist only in human minds. They don’t actually exist in the physical world.”

Interesting. So…how does it make communication easier to use words that name things that don’t exist in the physical world? I get why many words are abstract, of course, and don’t name a physical object, but I stumble at the assertion that all words are like that. How easy would communication really be if they were?

“Could you let the dog out?”

“The what?”

“Get in the car, we’re late.”

“In the what?”

“I’ll have an apple please.”

“A what?”

You see? It would take forever to say anything except on a very high Platonic plane.

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