Past London Bridge

This is bizarre.

Huge queues are forming along the banks of the River Thames, as people wait to pay their respects to the Queen.

The UK government has published a live queue tracker for people to follow on YouTube. Currently the queue is more than two miles long and the back of the queue is now past London Bridge.


People queuing are being warned they will need to stand for many hours – possibly overnight – with little opportunity to sit down, as the queue will be constantly moving.

The maximum length of the queue is 10 miles – with 6.9 miles from Westminster to Southwark, and a three-mile zigzag queue in Southwark Park.

So why would anyone want to do that? The end goal is a box. It’s not tea with the queen, it’s not a glimpse of the queen from a distance, it’s not being in a crowd cheering the queen up on the balcony, it’s a box. Why would anyone join a two mile long queue just to walk past a box?

Especially since it’s not all that hard to get glimpses of royals anyway, if that’s your thing.

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